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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 22, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this moments ago -- "happening now" no. >> julie: are fox news alert, at least three republican senators are expected to announce any minute now that they do not support the senate health care bill in its current form. we expect to have that announcement any minute now. >> jon: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell can only lose two corepublicans in the expectation that no democrat would vote for the bill. how much does this put it in jeopardy? we are covering all the news, "happening now" ." what could our cybersecurity leader look for in former security leader secretary johnson's testimony? >> cyber attacks on our nation
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for the purpose of influencing our election. >> jon: and, cindy slams into the gulf coast. where the storm is heading after leaving a trail of damage and high water. it's all happening now. we begin with this fox news alert, the white house reacting to the senate republican plan to roll back care as the legislation hits a potential snag. the three g.o.p. senators expected to announce they oppose the bill in its current form and that could be enough to do it. >> julie: that's all it takes. >> jon: welcome to the second hour of happening now, i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. we are seeing some major opposition from both sides of the aisle. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell defending his party's actions on the floor today. >> republicans believe we have a
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responsibility to act and we ar are. for our constituents, for our states, and for our country. >> julie: meanwhile, protesters descending on the capital decrying medicaid cuts of they say could mean life or death for people with disabilities. breaking just now, president trump tweeting about his conversations with former fbi director james comey and saying there are no recordings. we've got our answer. >> hey, julie, remember it was the president who initially brought up the idea of recordings, sing a couple of weeks ago, last month in may, that james comey better hope there are no tapes. now the street from the president, we were promised news sometime this week, here it is. with all the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercept, unmasking an illegal leaking of information, i have
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no idea whether there are "tapes" of my conversations with james comey but i did not make and do not have any such recording." the secret service also saying they did not have any recordings either. there is going to be a white house briefing off-camera that starts in the next couple of minutes, you can expect a lot of questions about that. it would bring up an important point to this white house, who typically say the president's tweets speak for themselves and in the past sean spicer has said just that, they are to be considered official statements of the president and there we have it. "i did not make and do not have any such recordings of the fbi director." another big issue here at the white house is the issue of health care. the president continues to try to push through on that major campaign promise of a repeal and replace of obamacare.
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we heard about the protesters earlier at the capital, a lot of senators upset as well and whether it be last night during his rally or today at the white house speaking to business leaders, the president speaking a lot less about the specific concerns of the new health care bill and much more about why he feels congress must simply do something. >> obamacare is a disaster, it's dead, totally dead and we are putting in a plan today that's going to be negotiated. we'd love to have some democrat support that they are obstructionist and will never support, we won't get one no matter how good it is. we will hopefully get something done and it will be something with heart and a very meaningfu meaningful. >> let's break that sentence down a little bit. finding something that is meaningful has been awfully difficult to marry with something that the president has heart or the president believes
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would have heart. it appears if you listen to the democratic minority leader of the senate, support from the democrats is a nonstarter. >> the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the house bill. >> now comes the math. even with vice president pence using his constitutional authority to break a potential tie in the senate, the white house can only afford to lose to republican senators. our team on the hill reports that there are eight senators who are on the fence or have serious concerns about the health care bill. mike emanuel reporting that there are three republican senators who are going to come out sometime in the next couple of minutes and publicly say that they cannot the support the bill and its current form. if that math holds, that reads
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mitch mcconnell has to go back to writing this bill which would mean going back to the cbo to rescore the bill and then would come yet another round of seeing if the other senators would report it. >> julie: all he needed was more than two to oppose and more than three is a deadly number. >> jon: a couple of topics to pick up with our political panel today, first disclosure from the president via tweet to the does not have any tapes of his conversations with former fbi director james comey. let's talk about it with ed rollins, former manager for reagan-bush '84. michael hopkins is a democratic strategist. it are either of you shaking your head and surprise? >> i'm pleasantly surprised and i think it was very smart not to have tapes. the last couple of presidents
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had it tapes, they did not benefit them. i would always advise the president not to tape anything. >> jon: why bring up the possibility? >> i can't explain trump at all times, he can't explain himself at all times. i think to a certain extent, it may have been a warning shot to comey to make sure he was careful. >> it's the president of the united states and is disheartening to see him kind of play these games because it is not presidential and it borders on tampering with a witness. it just goes back to the narrative of trump lying, not focusing on actual pushing through the agenda and it is unhelpful to this country. >> jon: he also suggested, with all the intercepts and unmasking, maybe there are tapes out there, he just does not have them. >> it is not illegal to tape. it's stupid to tape but it is
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not illegal to tape. equally as important, it is very difficult for the president constitutionally, they are pretty immune from most things and i think he had every right to fire his fbi director. >> will agree to disagree on that one. >> jon: let's talk about what the president is doing as he tries to sell his agenda to the american people heading out on these campaign rallies like the one he held in iowa. it is a base like it. it gets the folks fired up, but is it helping with his governing? what do you think? >> i think every president in modern times likes to go out and hear a cheering crowd. having worked in three white houses, it is not a fun place all the time. and i think to get out among people and be reinforced as positive. if he wants his health care bill to pass, he's got to go out and
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make the case to the american public. this was kind of a campaign rally last night, but in the future, he better go out and sell it. >> jon: here is a taste of what the president had to say in iowa. >> i love all people. a rich, poor, but in those particular put it positions, i just don't want a poor person. a very rich person in charge of commerce, that's the kind of thinking we want. they are representing the country, they don't want the money. they are representing the country. >> jon: the president advocating for putting wealthy people in positions of influence in that cabinet. >> that comment alone was disgusting. of the founding fathers would be turning over in their graves if they heard the president to say something like that, it is beneath the office. i think he is attempting to distract from this health care bill. if the house bill was supposed to be mean, though senate bill
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is definitely cool. now we have a situation where he has put republicans into an awkward situation, they celebrated the house bill and there is no way the senate bill is going to get past. it is just a shame. >> jon: let's talk about that health care bill. it is out, we understand there may be problems among republicans, we are told that at least three republican senators are in opposition. >> what i understand is there are ten members of the senate were not happy with this bill in some way, shape, or form. this is the first round, these three senators are going to make their positions known very clearly. it's a long, tedious process, it is never going to be easy. >> jon: it doesn't sound like you can get done next week. >> the only reason i would not advocate is don't bring it up. if you don't have the votes, don't make it a test of strength trying to force people to move on something they don't want
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because otherwise it comes out as a big defeat. >> jon: democrats are complaining that this has been done in secret, but the first iteration of obamacare was passed -- essentially rammed down the republicans throats. with no republican votes. >> that's actually not true. obamacare was probably debated for 17 months, on the floor of the house and the senate, they had over 70 hours of debate. at this bill was not released to anyone other than the lobbyists and today the republicans got the bill, they have not read it, it slashes medicare which donald trump said on the campaign trail he would not slash. it raises premiums and cuts subsidies to older americans who need health care. there is nothing about this bill that is any better than the house bill, and it's something the republicans will have tied around their neck. >> jon: the current system is collapsing. >> there are things in the system that are not working, a lot of that has to do with advertising and the way there hasn't been consistency in the market is what a lot of insurers
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have said. we are open to making changes to the system, but we are not blowing up the house because the refrigerator is not working. >> we are happy with any democrat who wants to come forth with their plan to come fix it. >> jon: thank you both. >> julie: we've got a fox news alert for you now, tropical storm cindy moving inland bringing heavy rains, high wind winds, and flash flooding in parts of the gulf coast. making landfall early this morning along the texas-louisiana border. >> hurricane season has started, first of june and here we are, three storms. at this one making landfall last night. a lot of rain across the central gulf coast. up to around 10-12 inches of rain and we are not done.
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right around the texas-louisiana border, a couple over here across parts of alabama, mississippi, the panhandle of florida. anytime you have a land falling tropical system, you end up with some rotation that could possibly cause some tornado so a tornado watch here in effect. tornadoes are not huge when this happens but that can cause some damage if it is your area. here's where our tornado threat is around the day. you see more rain continuing here, eventually getting in towards the ohio valley tonight and into the day tomorrow. by the time we are done with all of this, we will see some spots inland to seeing some flooding, especially when you get out here towards parts of tennessee and kentucky. that will cause some flooding in some spots. overall, not a huge storm to get started for the season but a good reminder that when hurricane season is here, you have to be ready.
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more certainly to come this year. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will release the details on the g.o.p. plan to replace obamacare, asking democrats to help him. >> when legislation does come to the floor, it will present senate democrats with another opportunity to do what is right for the american people. if they can choose to keep standing by as their failing law continues to collapse and hurt more americans but i hope they will join us instead to bring the relief to the families who have struggled under obamacare for far too long. >> jon: how are democrats reacting to the g.o.p. bill? senator ben carton joins us next to talk about that, he will also give us information on a sanctions bill aimed at iran and russia.
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takeover of health care. this distributes power back to the states, allows them to design plans, options that give their people and their state to fit those populations better. gives them more choices and competition to drive down premiums. ultimately, we have to address affordability. these costs are killing american families. >> jon: that is senator john thune in south dakota. at least three republican senators are expected to oppose the bill in its current form. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell earlier laid out details on the bill to replace obamacare. before that, he met with republican colleagues behind this closed the door to discuss the proposal in a private conference. republicans have been taking a lot of flack even from members of their own party about drafting the bill in secrecy.
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what is the response now that it is public? joining us now, maryland democratic senator ben cardin, ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee. do you see anything about this bill that would bring democrats support? >> no, i don't. i think it is probably worse than the house passed bill, medicaid cuts look like they are deeper, millions of americans lose their health coverage in my state, about 400,000 are in danger of losing their coverage. everyone in my state, just about. i think this bill carries out much of what was wrong in the house bill and has not corrected its defaults. >> jon: one of the things you heard senator thune essay is let the states handle their medical money individual. >> what they are doing is putting the burden on the
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states, they are capping the medicaid program, 1.2 maryland residents are in that medicaid system including many of our seniors to get the long-term care needs. with the bill does is say we are going to cap the federal government exposure to medicaid, the burden is going to fall on the state. this is not a favor to the state, this is a shift of the burden from the federal government to the individuals, the people of our country, and to the states. >> jon: we are awaiting the white house briefing from sarah huckabee sanders. we are also hearing from nancy pelosi, who has been quite vociferous in her opposition to this health care bill. there is a lot of partisan rancor on capitol hill these days. but there is bipartisan agreement on something that you have been very involved with, senator . sanctions, legislation i should say against iran and russia, we are going to talk to you more about that in just a moment.
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>> jon: we are awaiting an off-camera briefing at the white house from sarah huckabee sanders. we expect she'll be talking to the reporters there any moment now. when that finishes, we will be able to bring you some of the highlights. back to our interview with senator ben cardin, who is a chief author and negotiator of two sets of sanction legislatio legislation. they passed the united states senate overwhelmingly, 98-2 was the vote. first on iran, what are you proposing? >> this fear is very tough sanctions against iran for their support of terrorism, their ballistic missile violations,
10:25 am
there are violations of arms embargoes, their human rights violations. it is totally consistent with the nuclear agreement we were dealing with. we know iran is extremely active on the ground in syria, causing a lot of problems. they are involved in yemen, they are supporting terrorism. they shot ballistic missile test. this take tough steps in increasing sanctions. >> jon: you are also proposing sanctions against the russians on a number of different issues including ukraine. >> here we are proposing mandatory sanctions because of their activities in ukraine, because of their cyber attacks against the united states, because of their human rights violations and of these sanctions are imposed can only be removed if there is an opportunity for congressional review. we've also provided funding to help shore off our cyber defense against russia, not only ours
10:26 am
but working with our european allies. >> jon: the white house and the secretary of state essentially begged you to not pass the russia sanctions in particular, saying it would tie their hands when it comes to negotiating with the russians. how do you answer that? >> i think 98 senators answer that pretty strongly. these are mandatory sanctions, it gives the president a stronger hand in negotiating with the russians. making it clear that it is not up to one person to release these sanctions. congress has insisted that therapy demonstrated progress the russians do something to get out of ukraine, russia stops their cyber attacks against us, or it starts to cooperate with us in syria. there have to be specific progress made to grant release to russia. >> jon: it's rare to find anything on capitol hill that brings about bipartisan cooperation but you still got it there without bill. senator ben cardin, the chief
10:27 am
author. thank you. >> julie: apple cleaning up its app store with some new bylines for app makers, what does that mean for the company's customers? will tell you. plus, former homeland security secretary testifying on capitol hill about russian meddling in our elections last year. concept former d.a. secretary johnson agrees with. >> last year, a very troubling experience highlights cyber vulnerabilities in our political process. in our election infrastructure. looking good. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for rickie, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple,
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>> we will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporations who will say anything and do anything to get people to watch their screens or to get people to buy their failing papers. these guys, the fake news. they tell you -- it's fake news. not all of it, some of it is good and some of the people are great. but some are really bad and really fake. if you listen to them, we passed 39 -- i'm not talking about executive orders, we have signed a lot and we have gotten rid of a lot of really bad pieces that were signed by president obama,
10:32 am
believe me. if you listen to the fake news, they say "he didn't pass any legislation." >> julie: and animated president trump they're taking aim at one of his favorite targets last night in iowa as he went again after the media. joining us now, fox news anal a. i want to talk about the breaking news for moments ago, the president admitting that nod james comey despite his earlier tweet where he said james comey better hope there were no tape recordings. now we know there aren't. >> this is one that president trump can't blame onto fake news since he started it with that very tweet. i took it as a kind of taunt or brush back against james comey, making him worry whether their
10:33 am
might be tapes. i think he rather enjoyed the waves of speculation in the media. even though it carried some unfortunate echoes of watergate, i am surprised the president let it go on down just within the last hour. i think it ended up being a colossal waste of time. >> julie: we knew the we would hear one way or the other if there were tapes -- audio recordings, we don't do tapes anymore. that is his ammo, he wants to be doesn't want to leave it up to the fake news media. let's just talk back to president trump taking aim against the media as he did la night, calling it fake. obviously this plays to his base but my question is what do you say to those americans who may not have voted for him who are looking to him to lead instead of worry so much about the medi
10:34 am
media. >> whenever the president holds one of these rallies and takes shots, i think it is therapeutic for him. i think he is very frustrated with the coverages administrating and administration has been getting so he unburdened some himself r enthusiastic crowd. it gives him a narrative, that his administration has had more success than you might think if you follow the mainstream media. >> julie: sarah huckabee sanders is doing an off-camera, no audio, no video news conference. we know sean spicer's role is going to be reallocated, what do you think of him cutting away at these news conferences? >> they made a last-minute change today, there will be audio but it won't be released until after the briefing is done. >> julie: do you think that's a good idea? >> i personally think televised briefings are a good idea for an administration to get its message out. what this reflects is sean spicer is looking at going
10:35 am
into a new role, the president is very frustrated with what he sees as the way his spokespeople gets badgered at. in recent days we have had the off-camera gaggle, questions about whether the audio will be used and it seems to me that it really is a kind of a shot at the press. i don't know how much the administration benefits from it because i do think it's gives them an opportunity as well. >> julie: good to see you, thank you. >> critical infrastructure receives a priority in terms of the assistance we give honest cyber security, that's number one. if there is level of competence, of confidentiality that goes into the communications between critical infrastructure and the department that are guaranteed. and number three, when you are part of critical infrastructure, you get the protection of the international cyber norms. thou shalt not attack critical
10:36 am
infrastructure in another country. those of the principal reasons to do this, there are 16 sectors already that are considered critical infrastructure and in my view, this is something that was sort of a no-brainer. in fact, it probably should have been done years before. >> jon: former homeland security secretary jay johnson yesterday testifying on why our voting systems in his view should be designated as critical infrastructure. the former secretary testified on subjects ranging from russian meddling in the election to the dnc rejecting government help to protect itself from cyber attacks. mr. johnson's testimony also raised questions about why election officials across the country refused federal cybersecurity help. should that change by next november? joining us now, organ rights, cybersecurity analyst and peter fellow. he offered the vast resources of
10:37 am
the federal government to help these states protect their election systems and it sounds like nobody took him up on the offer. >> i think this issue demonstrates that lack of trust in the federal government. they view their sovereignty the same way the united states views its sovereignty with russia. when you look at some of the statements that came out after he testified, i think it was one of the national associations, they talked about the fact that they asked to jay johnson if there was a direct threat or an issue and three times leading up to the election he said no. if it's not a threat, they are pretty content doing what they're doing. we are way behind building out our infrastructure so we don't have to have these conversations in the future. >> jon: there is no question that russia tried to meddle in the election, tried to influence the election, but the question is, were they successful? in the answer seems to be no.
10:38 am
>> let me rephrase that. they were successful in a sense that they influenced it. the question is, did they interfere? influence is a valid espionage goal, we did that all the time in latin america to stop the spread of communism. interfering is violating another nation sovereignty when you change their votes and elected leader. or that is a risk too far even for the russians. i think the russians that may be a bridge too far because we still swing a pretty big stick in cyberspace. retribution is not something i think they want visited on them quite yet. >> jon: i want to talk to you about a new scam that is out there targeting apple users. if some people are receiving emails saying that their apple i.d. has been compromised, they click on a provided length and put in their information and then what happens? >> some hacker in some country uses your credentials to log
10:39 am
into other things. it's another scam, one of the things -- what they've done at the same technique, it's not a new tool, it's just a new tactic. we've always done that, these guys are finding new ways to get your interest. today it's apple, tomorrow could be a natural disaster that happens and they want you to donate information. the key is to be very worried. if someone asks you to reset your password, that is the first clue that it is not a legitimate email. go back to the original site and make sure you take action. it never an email. >> jon: i know a couple of people that this happened to, it took them all kinds of times to get their systems up and running. it looked very slick and official, coming from apple. how do you know where it comes from? >> one of the things you can do is even if it is typed in like it is from apple, if you hover
10:40 am
your link over it, it has to be sent from somewhere. a lot of the times you will see that the email address it is sent from is not displaying on your screen. however on the top of it, your mouse will display what's behind it. the second of, believe nothing of what you see and only half of what you hear. it could be your banking system, could be a site you belong to, these are just new tactics on the same old scam which is to steal your information and sell it to somebody else. >> jon: consider yourselves warned. it's good to have you on, thank you. >> julie: fox news is told at least three g.o.p. senators are expected to announce they are opposing the g.o.p. health care bill. what will that mean for the bill's fate in the senate? does up with a plan in jeopardy or is this just posturing? we are going to debate that nex next. whoooo.
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>> jon: on fox news alerts, we are getting worried that kentucky republican senator rand paul says he is in opposition to the revised health care just released. he says three other republican senators are about to announce their opposition as well. they need 50 republicans and at this point with 52 in the senate, they only have 48. they are going to have to do something to get rand paul and the so far identified three others on board or at least half of those four. if this thing is to pass the united states senate, a lot of arm-twisting still to be done in washington. they hope to hold a vote next week before the senate goes home for the july 4th recess. we will keep you updated as to all the twists and turns us about to take. >> my dear friends say we are going to have an open amended process. it's turning truth upside down.
10:45 am
please don't call this an open and fair process. if you want to rush it through, admit that consequences. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer and criticizing the health care plan and the way it was presented. opposition also coming from within the g.o.p., at least those three g.o.p. senators john just mentioned are expect to announce they are going to oppose the bill in its current form. we've got three g.o.p. senators already coming out, expecting to oppose the g.o.p. health care bill. now for, in fact. that means it is back to the drawing table for most of them. according to our senior producer at capitol hill, we've got to go read the bill. senator luther strange says "i don't know, we've got a lot of work to do." what will that mean for the bill's fate in the senate?
10:46 am
>> the margin for error is almost nil. they can lose two votes. they are going to lose rand paul on the libertarian right, probably susan collins on the moderate left. you really can't lose anyone else, if you are not getting those two. those statements you just read, they are not categorical oppositions. i think what the senate leaders managed to do here is at least take the first step, we have a bill that probably is the median senate republicans can support. you are going to need to grab a couple of other votes and have more work to do on both the right side of the caucus and the left side of the caucus. anyone who tells you they know with certainty how that is going to go at this juncture is lying. >> julie: with the senators on the republican side that are already coming forward saying they are going to oppose it, my question is, does this put the
10:47 am
plan in jeopardy or is this just posturing? >> i think it's actually a bit of both. if you look at what this has been for years, the reality is at least from where i sit, this is not about improving health care for all americans when it started out with 13 men sitting in a closed-door room making decisions for all americans, women included. what this essay from the beginning is an obsession with repealing and replacing obamacare which is some like senator rand paul called it obamacare-lite. it is ignoring the will of the constituency. you're going to see more republicans who are going to be opposed to this. many of these republican senators are very vulnerable and there seats are up in the midterm election and their constituents are becoming happier with the plan they have, especially those that are in nursing homes, two-thirds of
10:48 am
them that rely on medicare, one in five americans that rely on medicaid even if it is being phased out slowly, it will be phased out and punish people especially in rural areas. it also will allow states to remove mental health, maternity care, and emergency care services. this is a blow to all americans, regardless of their ideology. >> julie: i want to get some information from the inside, our senior producer at capitol hill has great affirmation. reacting to the g.o.p. saying that democrats aren't willing to work on this. "i have never been asked, it is not just a fiction, it is a gross fiction." mcconnell says that democrats have an opportunity to read the bill and hopefully come together to get some thing passed. i want your thoughts on that. >> that is never going to happe happen. inevitably, the repeal was going to be a partisan process.
10:49 am
this is going to get done, it's going to be done just with republican votes. it lets let there be no mistake, obamacare is in slow-motion process of unraveling, it was poorly designed from the start. you have insurers exiting the program left and right, premiums are skyrocketing. the obamacare status quo is dead one way or the other. the question is, what is going to replace it? the status quo is unsustainable. >> julie: rick lowery and leslie marshall, thank you. >> jon: how much of a advantage do republicans have over democrats following victories and special house elections as we? we will talk with the chairman of the national republican congressional committee. will republicans keep the momentum going? >> they are energized and they are recruiting candidates for
10:50 am
not just their seats but also some democratic seats. there are districts where donald trump won in 2016 but a democratic congressman held on. this gives them an advantage of a key moment in their recruiting -- more research on them.done for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> hello everyone, i'm melissa francis, a huge day of news as the white house off-camera briefing is underway. we will bring you all the highlights of the top of the hour. the first topic, president trump's tweets that there is no comey tapes. it will bring that to you. and the senate g.o.p. releasing their draft of their health care bill. we will vote on it next week, all that more on "america's news headquarters" ."
10:54 am
>> nancy pelosi was a great speaker, she is a great leader, but her time has come and gone. yes, she is a great fundraiser but if the money we are raising through her leadership is not helping us win elections, we have to have a difficult conversation now. i believe that she is not the leader for the future of the democratic party. it's that simple. >> julie: congresswoman kathleen rice is just one lawmaker saying that it is time for nancy pelosi to step aside from her leadership role. the democrats trying to regroup from losses and four special elections but the democratic leader saying she is not going anywhere. >> any opinion they have owned my decision on how long i stay is not up to them. >> julie: republicans are hoping to ride the momentum to victory in the midterm election
10:55 am
elections. democrats have just lost 4 of 4 special elections and even democrats are calling for new leadership, at what point does house to leader or minority leader in this case decide that it would be for the best of their party to step aside? >> clearly nancy pelosi motivates republicans. that's no surprise, it's been that way since 2010. the problem of the democrats as they don't have a problem with their leader, they have a problem with their message. they are talking about distractions, obstruction, resistance while karen handel was talking about fixing our economy, getting people back to work and rebuilding our infrastructure and fixing health care, people that in gea
10:56 am
believe in. they have a bigger problem than just nancy pelosi. >> julie: what do you think the democrats have learned since the disastrous 2016 election? >> i hope they continue doing what they are doing. >> julie: you want them to continue not doing a good job? >> i would love it if they would join us in helping make america stronger, getting people back to work, rebuilding our infrastructure, fixing our health care system that is collapsing under the weight of the problems of the affordable care act. but they don't seem to want to do that. if they are not going to learn anything about helping us make america better, i hope they just keep doing what they are doing. >> julie: thank you very much. >> jon: he wants represented the georgia district for the most expensive house race in history, what will former
10:57 am
speaker newt gingrich tell house republicans when he meets with them an hour from now at the capital? we are watching and waiting.
10:58 am
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we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs. >> thank you so much for joining us. america's news headquarters starts now. >> a fox news alert, president trump now claiming that he did not record conversations with fbi director, jim scully. hello, everyone i am melissa. and the white house briefing by deputy press secretary is just wrapping up. the president tweeting about an hour ago that he made it no recording on his discussions with james comey in the weeks leading up to the controversial firing. after comey said the president leaned on him to drop the michael flynn investigation, we are live now at the white house. so what is the administr


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